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BCOC prepares students to become productive, morale citizens making positive changes in their family, community, and work-life through the following programs: 


Academic Enrichment Beyond the Classroom Tutoring

* Assist students after school to develop and or sustain basic reading, writing, comprehension, socializing, and creativity. 

* Convenient face-to-face, one-on-one tutoring sessions provided by accredited teachers and volunteers who help with homework assignments.

Believers Community Food Bank

*As partners with Gleaners and The Emergency Food Assistance Program, BCOC Food Pantry provides households within the community and surrounding area access to sufficient, nutritious food and related resources. 

BCOC Boys and Girls Mentoring

* Students receive one-on-one mentoring as needed to address areas of greatest challenge.

* Facilitates weekly/monthly sessions for tutoring and mentoring students throughout the school year.


* Scheduled Volunteer outings @ Gleaners, Soup Kitchens, etc., teaching them how to give back to their community.


* Summer Educational Field Trips.

BCOC Life Skills Curriculum:

*To aid in the implementation of a successful mentoring and/or life skills programs, college prep, ACT prep, learning materials, workbooks are provided to students (upper elementary/middle school and high school)


*Scripted manuals for mentors, teachers, or staff

with lessons, hands-on activities, training

materials, and professional assessments.


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